Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning Services Floor Restoration Services, Inc. Supplies Excellent Tile And Grout Cleaning Services. If you reside in the environs of Winston-Salem, NC, you can select Floor Restoration Services, Inc. as your preferred tile and grout cleaning company. Our family owned and operated business endeavors to provide an outstanding level of service to customers. You’ll obtain several benefits by asking us to sanitize these surfaces. First, this assistance helps you safeguard your investment in your residence or business by ensuring the premises receive necessary cleaning. Second, removing embedded grime and grease deposits from grout and tile may help prevent the growth of damaging mold and mildew. Third, by choosing us as your tile and grout cleaners, you’ll delegate a time-consuming, labor intensive task to well-trained specialists. We hope our dedication to supplying great customer service prompts you to hire us!

We rely upon the skills of professional, experienced cleaning technicians. Our staff fully appreciates the importance of cleaning tiled surfaces correctly, without causing fading or abrasions. We invest TLC in every assignment we undertake!

Floor Restoration Services, Inc. maintains a policy of using only the highest quality cleaning tools and supplies. We won’t employ materials which might accidentally damage tile and grout, for instance. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing we depend upon excellent, safe products.

Our focus upon providing superb service motivates our team. We endeavor to delight customers who have entrusted their property’s beautiful tile and grout surfaces to us for cleaning. Expect us to perform these sometimes challenging assignments diligently. We have made your satisfaction our top priority!

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